An argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is another serious challenge in your student life

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An argumentative essay: how to handle it

Sooner or later you’ll stumble on the choking necessity ofwriting an argumentative essay. However, you shouldn’t be afraidof this challenge. It’s just a typical writing assignment, likemany others in your schooling. In this review you’ll find a bunchof great tips, enabling you to cope with this nightmare.

An argumentative essay: structure

As any other paper, this type of essay also has a strictstructure:

  • Introduction
  • Working out your argument
  • Debunking your opponent’s arguments
  • Conclusion

As you see, you only require coping with four parts. There’snothing to worry about at all. However, each of the four sectionsmentioned above needs some crucial elements. Let’s get familiarwith them.

Your introduction

In this section you’re expected to lay the foundation of theimpenetrable argument. This section consists of three parts:

  • Hook: That’s the very first sentence of your introduction.It’s expected to grab your readers’ attention and hold it tight,just like a thrilling blockbuster does.
  • Background information: As its name suggests, here youprovide detailed background information on the theme. You’rewelcome to point to a dominating issue and explain why it’s socrucial.
  • Thesis: It makes up the very last sentence of theintroductory paragraph. The thesis enables you to confidentlystate your exclusive position on the theme and provide all thenecessary reasons for your stance.

Working out your argument

In this section you have to work hard as you need to convinceyour opponent. The section is made up of several claims andevidence for each claim. You’re free to choose as many claims asyou want.

As for a claim, it can be defined as a statement expected tounderpin your argument. Needless to explain the essence ofevidence, as the name clearly suggests it.

Debunking your opponent’s arguments

In this particular section you state the opposite points of viewand make a rebuttal. For example, the Beef Council of America whooppose insect eating state that it’s very difficult and extremelytime consuming to hunt for crickets, thus making it a verydaunting task to collect enough food for a meal, while a cow isliterally stuffed with meat.

Your opponent might argue that the Beef Council is eager to keepfolks eating hamburgers, while neglecting the delicious cricketsoup.

To debunk this statement you can ascertain that scientists havefound out that the best time to have crickets harvested is tocatch them an hour before sunrise when they demonstrate lowactivity. Add that perhaps it makes sense to build thecorresponding infrastructure to farm these insects in a moresustainable way than cattle farming. Most probably this statementof yours won’t be refuted.


Having debunked the opponent’s point of view it’s time tosummarize your thoughts in the conclusion.

First, you require restating the whole importance of your issue.That’s quite similar to what you’ve just done in theintroduction. For example, you may write that By incorporatinginsects into their daily diets, Americans can greatly improvenutrition and sustainability of the national diets.

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Secondly, you’re expected to depict a picture of the world whereyour argument is implemented or not. Make the audience wonderwhat might happen. For instance, you may state that the worldwould be much better if folks were used to eating insects as apart of their daily diets. You should stress that fewerindividuals would be hungry, while more people would obtain allthe necessary minerals, vitamins as well as micronutrients,enabling them to stay healthy.


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Common tips for writing an argumentative essay

To make it easier for you to write an argumentative essay, ourexpert authors have just shared some valuable tips:

  • Have the sources cited: You need to provide a reference pageat the end of your essay. By the way, when citing, mind theformat. You’d better consult your advisor on this crucial nuance.
  • Create an outline: It will greatly help you to work on yourpaper. You can include a concise summary of the selected theme,the thesis statement and the key points of the sides backed andopposed by you. Furthermore, it won’t be a problem for you tocompose a good conclusion with the outline at hand. You’ll seewith your own eyes that the outline drastically eases the entirewriting process.
  • Prove the significance of your point of view: Needless tosay, why you should do it in an argumentative paper. Just do it.
  • Use only trustworthy facts: If your facts fail to be truthfulenough you won’t be able to build a convincing argument.
  • Summarize properly: Stay away from including any newinformation in your conclusion. Just summarize everything you’vealready told.
  • Don’t be emotional: Evidently, emotions can’t assist you inpersuading folks that your point of view is right. With emotionsyou’ll just do the opposite. You’d better collect facts, whichcould underpin your claim. It will work for sure.
  • Make use of appropriate vocabulary: Many experts advise toutilize the vocabulary that will enable to express your ideas inthe right way. Readers appreciate brief and clear writing andthey dislike when a simple thought is conveyed via a huge numberof words.
  • Try to be easy to understand: Stay away from complexsentences – they can hardly make you sound more intelligent.Instead, they will worsen the overall perception of yourthoughts. You’d better use simple sentences.
  • Don’t forget about the final check: Have your paper proofreadbefore submitting this stuff. It’s your last chance to fixoverlooked glitches.

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