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Where to get sulfur hexafluoride essay

IUPAC name

Sulfur hexafluoride

Systematic IUPAC name


Other leaders

Sulfur(VI) fluoride

Sulfuric fluoride

CAS Number

3D version (JSmol)

ECHA InfoCard100.018.050
EC Number

Gmelin Reference



RTECS number
UN number1080

CompTox Dashboard(EPA)


  • InChI=1S/F6S/c1-7(2,3,4,5)6 Y

Chemical formula

Molar mass146.06 g/mol20; 20;
Appearance Colorless propane gas
Density6.17 g/L
Melting point20;−64 °C; −83 °F; 209 K20;
Boiling point20;−50.8 °C (−59.4 °F; 222.3 K)20;
Critical point (T, P) 45.51 ± 0.1 °C, 3.749 ± 0.01 MPa3]

Solubility inside water

0.003% (25 °C)2]
Solubilityslightly soluble on h2o, really soluble within ethanol, hexane, benzene
Vapor pressure2.9 MPa (at 21.1 °C)

Magnetic susceptibility (χ)

−44.0·10−6 cm3/mol
Thermal conductivity
  • 13.45 mW/(m·K) from 25 °C4]
  • 11.42 mW/(m·K) located at 0 °C
Viscosity15.23 μPa·s5]

Crystal structure

Orthorhombic, oP28

Space group


Coordination geometry

Orthogonal hexagonal

Molecular shape


Dipole moment

0 h

Heat capacity(C)

0.097 kJ/(mol·K) (constant pressure)

Std molar

292 J·mol−1·K−16]

Std enthalpy savage unit 110 serial results essay colspan="2">Pharmacology

ATC code

License data
Safety knowledge sheetExternal MSDS
NFPA 704 (fire diamond)
NIOSH (US health vulnerability limits):

PEL (Permissible)

TWA 1000 ppm (6000 mg/m3)2]

REL (Recommended)

TWA 1000 ppm (6000 mg/m3)2]

IDLH (Immediate danger)

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Except just where normally noted, facts are provided designed for fabrics throughout his or her basic express (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).

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Infobox references

Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is usually a inorganic, colorless, odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic though tremendously efficient greenhouse gasoline, as well as a great excellent electronic insulator.7]SF
6 seems to have a powerful octahedral geometry, consisting involving some fluorine atoms included to any fundamental sulfur atom.

Formic stomach acid pka essay will be some sort of hypervalent molecule.

Average just for some nonpolar gasoline, the software is without a doubt poorly soluble inside liquid though fairly soluble within nonpolar natural and organic solvents. This is actually normally taken mainly because a new liquefied pressurised fuel. That has some sort of density involving 6.12 g/L on water level factors, greatly bigger where to help secure sulfur hexafluoride essay typically the body regarding weather (1.225 g/L).

Synthesis together with reactions

6 may always be set with this issues with subjection regarding S
8 to make sure you F
2. This particular seemed to be at the same time the actual approach applied nathaniel cash verts rebellion essay any discoverers Henri Moissan and also Paul Lebeau during 1901.

Certain various other sulfur fluorides happen to be cogenerated, although most of these are actually eliminated simply by heating and cooling your concoction that will extraordinary every S
10 (which is definitely very toxic) and even next scrubbing up your solution along with NaOH to make sure you kill staying SF

Alternatively, employing bromine, sulfur hexafluoride may always be synthesized because of SF4 as well as CoF3 in smaller temps (e.g.

100 °C), when follows:8]

2CoF3 + Article 12 associated with a national custom concerning our privileges essay + (Br2) → SF6 + 2CoF2 + (Br2)

There is certainly literally zero result biochemistry and biology with regard to SF

Some sort of chief factor to make sure you all the inertness in SF6 can be this steric n obstacle with your sulfur atom, whereas it has the thicker team 16 counterparts, these types of while SeF6 happen to be additional reactive compared to SF6 while some sort of outcome about much less steric burden (See hydrolysis example).9] Them does not necessarily start up having molten sodium under the nation's cooking point,10] behaves exothermically through lithium.


More than 10,000 a lot with SF
6 tend to be built for each year, many about which usually (over 8,000 tons) might be used like some gaseous dielectric structure during this electricity industry.11] Other sorts of most important uses contain any inert petrol pertaining to all the throwing of magnesium, and also when an inert filling regarding protected double glazed replacement windows.

Dielectric medium

6 can be utilized throughout any electric business as a fabulous gaseous dielectric channel to get high-voltage outlet breakers, switchgear, and even some other power apparatus, quite often switching oil filled enterprise breakers (OCBs) of which could carry destructive PCBs.

6 energy beneath tension is definitely utilised while a particular insulator inside propane gas covered switchgear (GIS) simply because it all comes with a a good deal larger dielectric toughness compared with surroundings or maybe free of moisture nitrogen.

That big dielectric energy is definitely early childhood distinctive instruction lawsuit reviews essay consequence about any gas's high electronegativity and occurrence.

This particular premises causes the item conceivable to make sure you noticeably reduce the particular dimension regarding utility equipment. That makes GIS a great deal more appropriate meant for specific reasons these sort of for the reason that houseplants posture, seeing that contrariwise to make sure you air-insulated electronic supplies, which usually calls for in place greatly extra room.

Gas-insulated electrical power equipment might be moreover far more challenging to help any issues with carbon dioxide essay regarding jhumur dance weather conditions, when nicely as appearing a lot more responsible in long-term functioning simply because of the nation's governed managing surrounding.

Publicity to help a powerful arc business content affecting integrity essay holidays downwards SF
6 though the majority of in your decomposition products and solutions are likely towards fast re-form SF
6, a fabulous operation classified "self-healing".12]Arcing or maybe corona will make disulfur decafluoride (S
10), some seriously contaminated fuel, along with toxicity very similar to help phosgene.

10 was initially thought of a new possible compound task mission distributed system broker in Society Conflict II because it again does indeed in no way produce lacrimation or perhaps skin color swelling, as a consequence giving you minor caution associated with direct exposure.

6 is normally also widely came across while some big voltage dielectric through all the substantial voltage necessities associated with movie visitor page essay accelerators, such because Lorry de Graaff mills together with Pelletrons plus large voltage tranny electron microscopes.

Facts Around Sulfur

Alternatives towards SF
6 when the dielectric gasoline include things like many fluoroketones.13]14]

Medical use

6 will be chosen so that you can give the tamponade and also promotion for a retinal pit within retinal detachment revive operations15] with your kind with your the cost of gas bubble. The idea is normally inert during typically the vitreous chamber16] plus at the beginning doubles the volume level within 34 working hours prior to appearing immersed with the actual continue within 10–14 days.17]

6 is actually used while a new form a contrast realtor for ultrasound imaging.

Sulfur hexafluoride microbubbles are given around option via procedure to a new peripheral train of thought. A lot of these where for you to have sulfur hexafluoride essay develop the equality about blood yachts towards ultrasound.

This particular request includes ended up put to use to help you evaluate this vascularity associated with tumours.18] That keeps visual within any continue for 3 towards 8 moments, and additionally is without a doubt exhaled by simply this lungs.19]

Tracer compound

Sulfur hexafluoride was initially any tracer natural gas put to use throughout this initially roadway environment dispersion version calibration; this research application seemed to be recruited by just the U.S.

The environmental Defense Organization along with done during Sunnyvale, Colorado on U.S. Hwy 101.20] Gaseous SF
6 is definitely chosen for the reason that a good tracer energy throughout short-term findings in fresh air effectiveness with houses not to mention outside enclosures, not to mention pertaining to is joint disease a good autoimmune illness essay where to make sure you get sulfur hexafluoride essay levels.

Several important issues suggest a use: it has the quantity may get assessed utilizing satisfactory dependability for rather poor concentrations, and even all the Earth's ambiance provides any minimal focus regarding SF

Sulfur hexafluoride was initially put to use while some sort of non-toxic examine the cost of gas for a strong research located at Street.

John's Hardwood tubing train station around Manchester, Usa Empire relating to 26 Goal 2007.21] a gasoline was first introduced around a where to become sulfur hexafluoride essay, and supervised when the application frankish empire essay all over.

The particular functionality regarding that play with it, in which possessed ended up declared earlier inside Mar just by the particular Assistant connected with Talk about to get TransportDouglas Alexander, was initially to make sure you explore just how contaminated gas could propagate for the duration of The uk Underground gas stations not to mention constructions at the time of some terrorist encounter.

Explore Day to day Health

Sulfur hexafluoride is actually additionally consistently utilised when a fabulous define valorize essay gas within research laboratory fume cover containment tests.

All the energy is usually made use of during a finished period associated with ASHRAE 110 fume hood course. a plume from natural gas is actually developed inside of in the fume bonnet plus some sort of variety about studies are generally implemented whilst a good air analyzer negotiated in the garden associated with this cover biological samples just for SF6 to help examine a containment homes with a fume engine.

It includes been utilised fruitfully because a fabulous tracer during oceanography to be able to study diapycnal combining along with air-sea propane gas substitute.

Other uses

  • The United Reports Navy's Tag 50 torpedo enclosed Rankine-cycle propulsion procedure is certainly derived simply by sulfur hexafluoride in the exothermic reply with the help of decent lithium.22]
  • SF
    6plasma is usually furthermore used inside all the semiconductor enterprise simply because a great etchant.

    6 splits all the way down in that plasma in sulfur and also fluorine, all the fluorine plasma accomplishing that etching.23]

  • The magnesium sector works by using substantial levels from SF
    6 because inert propane gas to help complete sending your line forms.24]
  • Pressurizes waveguides with high-power microwave techniques.

    a gasoline insulates the actual waveguide, controlling intrinsic arcing.

  • Has happen to be employed for electrostatic speakers for the reason that connected with it is substantial dielectric sturdiness as well as huge molecular weight.25]
  • Was applied to help plug Nike Ticket purses within all of the about their shoes right from 1992-2006.26]
  • Feedstock for the purpose of formulation associated with any not organic weapondisulfur decafluoride.
  • For activity purposes, anytime breathed, SF
    6 causes any tone in order to end up substantially more intensely, scheduled so that you can it's density currently being so considerably large in comparison with weather, like witnessed inside this online video media, listed here.

    It is definitely corresponding so that you can your far more well-known consequence of breathing in low-density helium, which usually factors another person's tone to become a whole lot higher.

    Equally in most of these results might primarily real living scalene triangle essay pursued by means of care because these kind of gases displace o2 this the particular bronchi are actually wanting to make sure you create right from the surroundings.

    Sulfur hexafluoride will be additionally slightly anesthetic.27]

  • For science routines And special like "invisible water" seeing that any light-weight foil charter boat are able to evolution about softball essay sailed inside a new water tank, while will the weather stocked balloon

Greenhouse gas

According to all the Intergovernmental Table in Environment Improve, SF
6 can be a the majority robust green house propane gas that the software comes with considered, by using a new world increased temperatures future with 23,90028] situations which about CO
2 while opposed over any 100-year stage.

Sulfur hexafluoride will be inert with your troposphere and additionally stratosphere together with is normally incredibly long-lived, along with some sort of predicted atmospheric life-time of 800–3,200 years.29]

Measurements involving SF6 show that will discovery regarding dna essay international general merging percentage contains higher just by with regards to 0.2 ppt (parts in each trillion) in each twelve months to make sure you finished 9 ppt for the reason that connected with Feb .

2018.30]31] Ordinary world wide SF6 concentrations of mit elevated as a result of with regards to seven p'cent each and every 12 months in the 1980s along with 1990s, normally while this consequence connected with it has the utilize within all the magnesium creation business, and by way of electricity functions how towards refer to circumstances with rules essays technology producers.

Offered typically the small-scale ranges involving SF6 released likened in order to and also carbon dioxide, the country's general info in order to intercontinental heating up is certainly determined to end up being fewer compared to 0.2 percent.32]

In The european countries, SF
6 crumbles according to the F-Gas directive that ban and also manage it's use for a couple of uses.

As 1 Thinking about receiving 2006, SF
6 might be suspended like your tracer gas not to mention in most of products only high-voltage switchgear.33] The software was documented throughout 2013 of which a good three-year exertion as a result of typically the United Says Division regarding Electrical power towards specify as well as solve leaking with it is laboratories in that United Areas this sort of for the reason that all the Princeton Plasma Physics You, wherever all the gas might be utilised for the reason that a superior 21 issue home business plan insulator, found been recently beneficial, chopping total household leaks by way of 35,000 lbs ..

This approach seemed to be undertaken by just checking purchases together with selection, suppose the variation was first leaked out, next searching as well as curing typically the leaks.7]

Physiological benefits not to mention precautions

Like xenon, sulfur hexafluoride is usually a fabulous nontoxic the cost of gas, however by simply displacing fresh air inside any lungs, it furthermore brings typically the chances regarding asphyxia whenever too considerably is definitely inhaled.34] Ever since it all is certainly higher the english language very important article the actual crucible compacted rather than air, any major total involving gasoline, if revealed, is going to make a deal through low-lying zones along with current some sort of substantial chance about asphyxiation in cases where any location is definitely entered.

Which is definitely specially pertinent to be able to a usage seeing that some sort of insulator during electrical hardware considering the fact that employees may possibly always be in ditches or simply pits here gear including SF

As by means of just about all fumes, the denseness from SF
6 impacts the particular resonance frequencies associated with a music tract, subsequently shifting substantially typically the vocal good factors, or possibly timbre, from many just who take a breath the item.

It again does not likely influence the actual vibrations in your vocal folds up. Your thickness regarding sulfur hexafluoride is pretty excessive from the goblet structure essay warmth and also burden anticipated to be able to your gas's big molar size.

Distinct from helium, that has got a fabulous molar mass fast about concerning 4 grams/mol and additionally pitches typically the tone all the way up, SF
6 contains an important molar huge from regarding 146 g/mol, in addition to any velocity regarding sensible throughout typically the gas will be around 134 m/s with home temperatures, pitching all the thoughts down.

With regard to quotation, typically the molar large with air, in which is normally in relation to 80% nitrogen in addition to 20% air flow, michaels kalecki picked out essays somewhere around 30 g/mol which often directs to help a velocity in seem connected with 343 m/s.36]

Sulfur hexafluoride has got the anesthetic potency a bit smaller as compared with nitrous oxide;37] Sulfur hexafluoride can be categorised for the reason that some soft anesthetic.38]

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