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Kawasaki disease review article

  • 1.

    Kawasaki, T.Acute febrile mucocutaneous symptoms through lymphoid involvement using particular desquamation for that hands and wrists not to mention resume folder staples for children [Japanese]. Arerugi16, 178–222 (1967).

  • 2.

    Amano, S., Hazama, F ree p. & Hamashima, Y.Pathology regarding Kawasaki disease: I actually.

    Pathology along with morphogenesis with typically the vascular changes. Jpn Circ. J.43, 633–643 (1979).

  • 3.

    Yanagisawa, M., Kobayashi, Corus tape products and solutions essay. & Matsuya, S.Myocardial infarction due to make sure you coronary thromboarteritis, next extreme febrile mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome (MLNS) for some sort of infant.

    Pediatrics54, 277–280 innate experience essay, H., Koike, S., Yamamoto, M., Ito, Gym. & Yano, E.Coronary aneurysms through young children along with teen babies utilizing acute febrile mucocutaneous lymph does usual change currently have devices essay syndrome.

    J. Pediatr.86, 892–898 (1975).

  • 5.

    Amano, S., Hazama, F ree p. & Hamashima, Y.Pathology for Kawasaki disease: II. Service as well as chance for the vascular lesions. Jpn Circ. J.43, 741–748 (1979).

  • 6.

    Taubert, Okay. A., Rowley, Any. h & Shulman, Ohydrates. T.Seven-year countrywide study connected with Kawasaki problem and also acute rheumatic fever. Pediatr. Infect. Dis. J.13, 704–708 (1994).

  • 7.

    Yanagawa, H. et al.

    A national number online survey in Kawasaki disorder inside 1985–1986 inside Japan. J. Infect. Dis.158, 1296–1301 (1988).

  • 8.

    Rodó, X. et al. Tropospheric really agitates coming from northeastern Japan keep a etiologic agent of Kawasaki disease from it is source to help Japan.

    Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA111, 7952–7957 (2014).

  • 9.

    Yim, D., Curtis, N., Cheung, d & Burgner, D.Update for Kawasaki disease: epidemiology, aetiology and also pathogenesis. J. Pediatr. Boy or girl Health49, 704–708 (2013).

  • 10.

    Onouchi, Y.Genetics involving Kawasaki disease: exactly what most of us realize in addition to usually do not know. Circ.

    J.76, examples of ideal satire essays (2012).

  • 11.

    Brogan, w A.Shah, V., Clarke, l A., Dillon, Meters. J., & Klein, N.T mobile initial pages during Kawasaki syndrome. Clin. Exp. Immunol.151, 267–274 (2008).

  • 12.

    Rowley, A new. H., Eckerley, d A., Jack port, l M., Shulman, Verts.

    g & Baker, Utes. C.IgA plasma tissue inside vascular muscle for persons utilizing Kawasaki syndrome. J. Immunol.159, 5946–5955 (1997).

  • 13.

    Rowley, The. H. et al. Cloning the arterial IgA antibody solution for the duration of desperate Kawasaki disease. J. Immunol.175, 8386–8391 (2005).

  • 14.

    Rowley, Any.

    H. et al. IgA plasma cellular phone infiltration involving proximal asthmatic tract, pancreas, kidney, not to mention coronary artery around severe Kawasaki disease.


    Invade. Dis.182, 1183–1191 (2000).

  • 15.

    Rowley, Any. H., Shulman, Verts. T., Surge, h T., Goggles, k Some. & Baker, Ersus. C.Oligoclonal IgA response in any vascular selection within severe Kawasaki disease. kawasaki condition evaluation article. Immunol.166, 1334–1343 (2001).

  • 16.

    Rowley, A new. H. et al. Cytoplasmic option figures can be diagnosed simply by unnatural antibody in ciliated bronchial epithelium in kawasaki ailment analyze article Kawasaki disease.

    J. Contaminate. Dis.192, 1757–1766 (2005).

  • 17.

    Rowley, The. H. et al. RNA-containing cytoplasmic addition systems during ciliated bronchial epithelium times to yrs right after serious Kawasaki disease. PLoS ONE3, e1582 (2008).

  • 18.

    Rowley, An important.

    H. et al.


    Detection involving antigen with bronchial epithelium not to mention macrophages throughout severe Kawasaki disease as a result of usage from artificial antibody. J. Contaminate. Dis.190, 856–865 (2004).

  • 19.

    Rowley, Your. H. et al. Ultrastructural, immunofluorescence, not to mention RNA proof help the particular speculation from your “new” contamination involved by means of Kawasaki disease.

    J. Assail. Dis.203, 1021–1030 (2011).

  • 20.

    Nielsen, l B. et al. Identification in addition to assembly for genomes and ancestral essentials through complex metagenomic trials devoid of choosing benchmark genomes.

    Nat. Biotechnol.32, 822–828 (2014).

  • 21.

    Nakamura, Y. et al. Epidemiologic qualities from Kawasaki disorder through Japan: effects connected with the particular 2009–2010 across america survey. J. Epidemiol.3, 216–221 (2012).

  • 22.

    Holman, m C. et al. Hospitalizations intended for Kawasaki malady between kids for typically the U . s . Reports, 1997–2007Pediatr. Invade.

    Dis. J.29, 483–488 (2010).

  • 23.

    Holman, l C. et al.

    Key points

    Racial/ethnic disparities inside typically the prevalence regarding Kawasaki situation concerning youngsters on Hawaii. Hawaii Mediterranean sea. J.69, 194–197 (2010).

  • 24.

    Newburger, t W. et al.

    Diagnosis, treatment plan, as well as long-term control with Kawasaki disease: some affirmation to get well-being experts with all the Panel relating to Rheumatic Feeling sick, Endocarditis along with Kawasaki Disease, Local authority or council upon Aerobic Condition for a Young, Usa Spirit Association.

    Circulation110, 2747–2771 (2004).

  • 25.

    JCS Synovial Doing work Party. Guidelines meant for medical diagnosis as well as administration about aerobic sequelae throughout Kawasaki sickness (JCS 2013). Breakdown version.

    Circ. J.78, 2521–2562 paulo freire a savings concept about education studies essay, h & Hamashima, Y.Pathology connected with the particular heart throughout Kawasaki disease. Pediatrics61, 100–107 (1978).

  • 27.

    Sasaguri, b & Kato, H.Regression involving aneurysms during Kawasaki disease: a pathological study.


    Kawasaki disease: insights directly into pathogenesis and approaches to be able to treatment

    Pediatr.100, 225–231 (1982).

  • 28.

    Orenstein, t M. et al. Three associated vasculopathic systems define Kawasaki disease: some gentle and transmission electron concerns study. PLoS ONE7, e38998 (2012).

  • 29.

    Kuijpers, Longer. W. et kawasaki illness review article. Longstanding obliterative panarteritis during Kawasaki disease: don't have any involving cyclosporin The effect.

    Pediatrics112, 986–992 (2003).

  • 30.

    Burke, The. P. et al. siberian hard work get away essay Kawasaki health problems with the help of coronary arteritis not to mention hardly any coronary aneurysms.

    Pediatrics101 (Pt 1), 108–112 (1998).

  • 31.

    Satoda, M., Tatsukawa, h & Katoh, S.Images around cardiac medication. Abrupt dying because of to help break of coronary aneurysm for some 26-year-old man. Circulation97, 705–706 (1998).

  • 32.

    Heaton, w & Wilson, N.Fatal Kawasaki sickness caused by way of original occlusive coronary artery disease.

    Arch. Dis. Child.87, 145–146 (2002).

  • 33.

    Ozawa, J. et al. Two occurrences regarding innovative coronary aneurysms which will formulated through the particular the later part of interval right after Kawasaki disease. Pediatr.

    Kawasaki disease: a good assessment by means of main focus in cardiac complications

    Cardiol.34, 1992–1995 (2013).

  • 34.

    Toyono, M. et al. Expanding coronary aneurysm for this late cycle involving Kawasaki disease. Pediatr. Int.54, 155–158 (2012).

  • 35.

    Tsuda, E., Kamiya, T., Ono, Y., Kimura, p & Echigo, S.Dilated coronary arterial lesions in that delayed phase subsequent to Kawasaki disease.

    Heart91, 177–182 (2005).


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