A Canadian writer and educator named Marshall McLuhan came up with the phrase, " the global village" to describe the world. What is a village? " A tiny community wherever everyone knows every

other" spring suspensions to mind. Perhaps the thought that

each individual in the community assists the community to

survive and so everyone is dependent on each

other applies. These are great descriptions of your village nevertheless could we say this about our society? Physically the world is substantial. How can we all

be connected to each other? In the last century, better travel and connection have allowed people to be in

contact with other parts of the world quicker

and more very easily than ever before. The earth is

also connected through global resource use and a

globe economy. Precisely what is grown or made in Asia often is definitely consumed in North America. These products of The european countries are found in Australian retailers. African

create is found in the kitchens of Europe. The

global community, as McLuhan meant this, is a picture

that shows us to become connected to, and dependent

in, other parts on the planet. 7 Transport In the last hundred years, huge technical advances made travel easier, enabling visitors to

travel further and more often than ever before.

The development of railways was an enormous

leap forward from animal-drawn transportation.

As soon as the Canadian Pacific Railway was built in the 1880's, people as well as produce could travelling across Canada, From coast to coast. It also vastly

increased the stream of control from Briti h Columbia

to Britain, enabling BC to share the gains of

Anglo-Canadian trade. Furthermore, the CPR

became a link in the transportation of goods coming from East Asia to The uk, as fast trans-Pacific boats brought merchandise to Vancouver, where they

were packed into freight cars to be taken to

Ocean freighters after which on to Great britain. This

added greatly to the early regarding our town,

until the completion of the Compact country of panama Canal allowed freighters to pass directly from one ocean towards the other. Somewhere else in the world, a fresh generation of fast

teaches has confirmed efficient in moving persons and

items quickly and efficiently. Japan's Shinkansen, or perhaps bullet teaches, have tested their worth for decades. Western high speed express trains at times allow individuals to move more

swiftly across the continent by teach, from

down-town to the downtown area, than also plane travel around

allows. An illustration of this this is the Eurostar train, relating London and Paris via the Chunnel -- a tube between Britain and England. What was

every journey of 8-10 several hours by car or train and

ferry or perhaps hovercraft, or perhaps commutes from

downtown to airports along with a short air travel that

added up to three or more or more several hours in total is currently a coach journey of roughly the same time frame as traveling by air and demanding from the downtown area to the downtown area - nevertheless

without the frustration of horrific traffic jellies

and international airport hassles. Sadly such train locomotives

have however to be introduced to Canada, mainly because our

widespread population causes them to be uneconomical at this time. In North America the automobile is the preferred means of travel over short and medium distances.

When, in the 1920's, Henry Ford decided to make cars an item a lot of people could afford, it resulted in a growth in highways and, consequently, mass

tourism. Over the years, roadways include improved

therefore has technology related to this kind of. The

ancient dirt paths that questioned earlier

road users have been substituted by made, multi- street, expressways and wooden trestles have cede in favor of impressive metallic and tangible bridges. The Confederation Bridge connecting Prince Edward Isle to Volkswagen Scotia is usually an example of just how technology has evolved people's mindset

toward travel. Going to L. E. I. used to become thought

of as an all-day excursion because of the hour

ferry trip each way, but it at this point takes just 25

moments, one way, around the bridge, making a half- day check out a possibility. almost eight After a century of advancement, air travel has become the preferred ways of long length...


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