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Instructor Natalie Hill

Eng 113 Section 801

22 January 2013

A& P

The concept of the the story " A& P” is " always ponder your outcomes before currently taking actions”. The formal factors used by mcdougal to develop the storyline were symbolism, point of view, and setting. A& P authored by John Updike first printed in 1961 is about, the narrator, Sammy that is checking food when he realizes that three barefoot women in swimwear have went into the store. The leader with the three, that has her brazilian bikini straps down, catches his eye. The girl walks just like a queen (of which he nicknames " Queenie”) throughout the store, by no means turning to check out him or his coworker, Stokesie. Queenie leads these people around the store. The narrator has entertaining watching the shock of the other customers, whom aren't utilized to seeing swimwear at the A& P. Queenie is buying a jar of " Kingfish Fancy Herring Snacks in Pure Bad Cream: forty-nine cent" (21). She gets in Sammy's checkout street " having a prim look she lifting a folded away dollar expenses that she takes by her brazilian bikini out of the empty at the center of her nubbled pink top” (21). Then Lengel, the manager in the A& P, comes in from outside, perceives the girls, and tell them which were not properly dressed and that they should be half way decent dressed whenever they come into their grocer. Queenie attempts to argue with him, but he tells them that they better dress right next time or certainly not come once again. Lengel hurries Sammy, to ring girls up. Sammy does what he's told, but then this individual tells Lengel he's stopping. The girls probably hear him, but they no longer turn around. Lengel warns Sammy that quitting will destroy his existence, but Sammy turns in his apron and bow link and saunters to the outside the house which this individual calls the " electric eye” (23) out in to the parking lot. Having been hoping to find the girls, but they had been long gone. Sammy looked back inside the window and watches Lengel checking food stores in his side of the road. Lengel appears hard and stiff, to Sammy which will made Sammy feel that the...

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