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The Deadly Mistake More Women Are Making was an article highlighted in Cosmopolitan magazine's Oct 2011 edition. The typical viewers of this mag are college-aged females and older, and as school was just starting back, the timing of the article was higher than a coincidence. Stephanie Booth, a well known blogger and MBA graduate presents her article within a stern, however reflective way. She uses statistics, forms and significant stories to hold the attention in the reader and also to prove her point. Sales space writes about the effects of excessive drinking and it's conniving electrical power over females.

The leading page in the article incorporates a female with firm blond hair, back took on the shooter in an trouble-free manner using a cocktail in her hands. This photo is immediately eye-catching. The picture possess a jenesequa that is appealing to the reader. As being a female me, when I see this, We automatically envy the women inside the picture; The girl with beautiful plus the way she is holding their self automatically shows confidence. Sales space is ingenious in applying this tactic. She's aware of the reaction that her audience must this picture, being programmed intrigue.

Booth opens the literature section of the content, automatically pulling on the heartstrings of the reader. She tells the story of any women who appeared to have it all… a college degree a clean record and a job at a the game of golf in Sc. That was true,

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until the girl allowed alcohol to wreck that on her behalf. Caitlin resolved to drink and drive after work, a breathalyzer revealed that the driver, Caitlin's, blood-alcohol level was. up to 29 being 4 times regarding the legal limit. In the evening she affected not only her life by simply that decision, but she slain a four-year-old girl and severely harm the father of this girl. This story that Booth starts with instantly grabs interest by creating an emotional reaction...


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