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The article is about the new challenges that personnel have to encounter when they had been elevated into a leadership position within the firm. In addition to the standard challenges fresh managers have to deal with, they have additional challenges of establishing their fresh role and navigating improved work relationships. However , these new problems might create some pain, not just for new leaders but also for their former peers. Dixon, J. (2014)


Learning to be a manager is definitely an exciting modify, but it is very important to follow a lot of general guidelines to make the change smoother. You need to establish your credibility and authority although balancing very good relationships.


" Example #2: Demonstrate authority through competence

Four years in his job at a government educational agency in Louisiana, Scott Norton got a huge promotion. After a significant reorganization, he was moved two levels up into a newly formed role, handling 40 people including 10 of his former colleagues and the managers of those peers, including his former boss. He started to speak individually together with the people coming from his past workgroup, explaining how much he valued their work, plus the role they played. Then he aimed at gaining the trust of the broader crew by working hard. " I really believe that leadership doesn't merely come through location, it comes through competence, ” he explains. People acknowledged how much time he was setting up on their behalf and just how dedicated he was to the division's success.

Along with his former manager, he took a more hands-off approach. " It was a really awkward circumstance, ” this individual recalls. " I attempted to stay out of her way when acknowledging the expertise your woman brought to her role. ” After a short while, she left the firm but not prior to Scott talked about the decision with her. " She explained it was also difficult to stay under the circumstances and I absolutely understood that. ”

After in his period at the company,...


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