Assignment 208 – Understand health and safety in social treatment settings


some different injuries or immediate illnesses that might occur:

An individual could trip and injure themselves

A person could show up and hurt him or herself badly and have to look into medical center Somebody may suddenly have got a myocardial infarction

Somebody with epilepsy could have an epileptic fit, or perhaps somebody with asthma would have an breathing difficulties attack


1 ) The first-person on the landscape should make the environment safe and measure the nature from the problem. installment payments on your The nearest first aider ought to be called to support.

3. If an ambulance is necessary call 8888888888

4. Assure the person and any other folks affected

a few. Ensure privateness and pride

6. Advise others

7. Complete records


Stop and think – assess the situation, do I need help? Where may be the load going? Is there one to help me? Be sure you have any kind of equipment you may need. Check that the equipment is in good working buy. Use products according to instructions. Have on the right clothing and shoes. Obtain the approval of the person. Explain what you are going to do.


If you do not the actual care strategy and risk assessments within it and an injury can be caused to the individual within your care, you'll be held responsible for this injury and anything that occurs as a result of it.


Making sure each individual receives the ideal medication.

Making sure almost all medication is held in a locked cupboard.

Making sure all medication is given correctly.

Keep records of all medicine.

Care personnel who help people with there medicine will be competent.

Medications are given safely and correctly, and proper care staff preserve the level of privacy and dignity of residents when they give medication.

Medication is available the moment residents will need any and care personnel to make sure that unnecessary medication is discarded correctly. Carers dealing with medicine to be able to keep advice by a pharmacologist. Medicines are accustomed to cure or perhaps prevent disease, or to ease symptoms, to not punish or perhaps control behavior.



In cases where the assistance user or perhaps service users' representative struggles to obtain dispensed medication , the medication will probably be obtained simply by us carers.


Medicines should be stored in an awesome, dry place only for mentioned amount of time.


Introduce you to the services user, search for instructions around the medication , remind the services user for taking their medications and notice that they take this out. Give assist with the assistance user because requested by them. Make certain that the services user has the capacity to remain in control.


Has to be written in ink just after the event as possible, has to be legible, end up being understandable, accurate, complete, current, be dated, detail time that the medication was given or maybe the task performed, detail the fact that was given, be signed by the care staff member. Also: the moment medication is not really taken, in the event the service consumer has vomited shortly after taking it.


a) It's a legal requirement, somebody could be hurt if right training is usually not offered. In order to be capable of respond to a predicament where an individual has had an accident or immediate illness. Individuals with epilepsy require rescue meds. Also carers on the trip would need learning personal proper care as somebody could become incontinent.

b) To be able to understand how to associated with necessary push and how to use equipment properly and confidently. Training is necessary so nobody is hurt during manual handling.

c) In order to have an understanding regarding any health conditions the person's social treatment worker works together can screen any change. The interpersonal care employee must have a comprehension about almost all medication as well as the affects.


a) Health and security at work act 1974.

Meals safety act 2009

Power over substances harmful to wellness regulations 1999

b) Manual handling procedures regulations 1992

Care regular act 2k


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