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With freedom comes responsibility. Flexibility of the Press was among the constitutional warranties persistently required by India's freedom practitioners during British colonial regulation. The Mass media in India enjoys a great amount of freedom and seems flourishing. Do you think, the Indian Mass media in the current instances, is misusing their independence? Have they strayed their course from accountable journalism? It is time to know what you think of the Indian Media nowadays in this times. In what could be described as the disturbing trend of " news against cash” in a few sections of the media, the Election Commission rate has found that several applicants in the recent Assembly election opted for " paid news” for their advertising campaign. In response to see, they accepted the charge and included such costs in their comes back.

Media Assault and The Uncivil Society

The repercussions aren't limited to any increase in aggressive behaviour. Various commentators be anxious that multimedia violence is becoming embedded inside the cultural environment; that, in some sense, really part of the " psychic air" that kids and teenagers constantly breathe. That environment of violence, profanity, crudeness, and meanness may go civility in society simply by demeaning and displacing great social ideals. Todd Gitlin goes further. He argues that press violence is actually a red herring that allows political figures to reflect attention from very true social problems. He produces, " There is little personal will for a war on low income, guns, or family breakdown... we are provided instead a crusade against media violence. This is mainly a feel-good exercise, a moral stress substituting intended for practicality... This appeals to a north american propensity that sociologist Philip Slater named the Bathroom Assumption: when the...


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