Tran Thu Trang TA38B

Subject: benefits of recycling where possible

Almost all countries today, there exists a growing concern for recycling. " Recycling” is a word that we typically hear when it comes to preserving environment. That is an obvious benefit however, not the only one brought from taking. In order to know more about the reasons why taking is essential and effects of it on existence, this issue will be discussed with this essay clearly. When new items are manufactured from initial materials, how much energy used is much bigger. Besides, making use of the raw material obtained from reused products saves a lot of energy which is used for development. For instance, the vitality it takes to generate a new may is equivalent to that which makes twenty cans from recycled elements. In addition , by reducing the energy spent on commercial production, additionally, it minimizes the quantity of fuel emitting harmful smells to the environment which is the key cause of around the world. Therefore , taking not only save energy yet also protect the environment. We can say that recycling is the process that uses old products to make new products. Because of this, it can help successfully in conserving natural assets and a lot of expenditures as well. Moreover, landfills will run out quickly because of becoming filled up with lost unless recycling process is put into action quickly. It means that recycling leads to solving the situation of space for garbage disposal. In conclusion, taking is the successful way to protect our living environment, however from my personal point of view, our awareness for this issue plus the effort to spread this kind of words to be able to the community is the foremost way to keep and encourage that valuable " tool”.


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