" The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson


" The destructors” by Graham Greene

Bwire Silas

English language 102

Virginia Dow

Thesis Statement

The society will need to let go of earlier times and customs that are worthless and take hold of peace appreciate and oneness for the betterment of your future. Describe

1 . Placing of the stories

a. Location of the stories

b. Time the stories happen

2 . Main subject in the stories

c. Message portrayed

3. Portrayal

d. Key characters

elizabeth. Character attributes

4. The tone in the stories

a few. Irony inside the stories

6th. Symbolism in the stories

Compare The Lotto and Destructors.

The Lotto story takes place just after the World War II in Summer of 1948 in Ny. It takes put in place the community and this can be reinforced when we are told that there were only about 3 hundred people in the village (Para 1) Likewise the destructors takes place just a couple years following the world War II working in london. We see this when the story tells because, " The gang accustomed to meet every morning in an impromptu carpark, the site in the last blast of the initially blitz. ” (Para3) In both stories, there establishing influences the characters. Inside the Lottery, the practice continues to be there for approximately seventy-seven-years (Para 11) we also observe piles of stones in the vicinity which usually symbolizes physical violence. In the Destructors, the place the storyline takes place impacts the characters, as the site where that they meet every day is the last place the bomb was fallen. This signifies destruction and incites violence in the characters.

The main motif in the story " The Lottery” is to expose the bondage lifestyle that people reside with in the name of tradition. It is a brutal tradition that people will not seem to see how inhuman it can be. The day starts in the morning at around five o'clock with children arriving first then the men and ultimately the women. It is disturbing to get a pile of stone within a corner because...