Jake Law

March 20, 2013

British 102


" I find myself as though the golfers had been easier on me plus they would act more specialist around me personally by certainly not swearing or perhaps spitting. ” Jessica was obviously a co-worker of mine last summer while i caddied by Dearborn Country Club. Jessica was your only woman caddy with the country club. Jessica answered several questions to me over text. Most of the inquiries she was asked relevant to how her experience operating as a caddy compared to mine. Since the lady was a woman working a predominately males work, the treatment she received, the physical stress she was put through, and her interest would all be different from my very own or any additional male chariot. The 1st series of concerns Jessica solved were generally concentrated for the treatment the girl received from the golfers and her co-workers. Jessica did admit the fact that golfers had been easier on her and they might act diverse around her. She would go on to say that whenever she was in a group, all the golfers will try to enjoy their language and refrain from doing things that are improper like spitting. From my recollection, the golfers We caddied for did not proper care what came out of their jaws. This is not the 1st time golfers have clearly served differently to woman caddies, professional player Jeev Milkha Singh continues to be quoted declaring " At times when you get angry, and there's a female on the carrier, you want to be careful about your language” when he was asked what it is just like using a feminine caddy. (Morfit, 2008). One would think being treated in another way just because of gender will bother Jessica. When asked if it truly does bother her, she said that she supposed to be cared for differently because she was one of a kind. She also went on to express that the girl believed that they treated her differently mainly because they thought she necessary the extra focus. Probably the most direct way of finding out who was cured better can be who was having paid a lot more than who. Jessica said that she would make 59 dollars about...


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