п»їHuman Source Management, 12e (Dessler)

Part 5 Employees Planning and Recruiting

1) What is the critical first step to the recruitment and selection? A) performing initial testing interviews

B) building a pool area of prospects

C) performing candidate background record checks

D) selecting possible prospects

E) choosing what positions to fill up

Answer: E

Explanation: The first step of the recruiting and selection process is determining what positions to load through workers planning and forecasting. Creating a candidate pool area, having individuals complete applications, and carrying out background checks are definitely the next steps in the process. The final step is selecting candidates and making job offers. Diff: 2Page Ref: 152

Phase: 5

Objective: 1

Skill: Concept

2) Which of the following terms refers to the background investigations, testing, and physical exams that firms use to identify feasible candidates to get a job? A) selection tools

B) task analysis methods

C) work specifications

D) personnel tactics

E) forecasting tools

Response: A

Reason: Selection equipment, such as testing, background investigations, and physical exams, are used by organizations to identify practical candidates for any job. Following candidates finish applications and undergo primary screening selection interviews, a firm uses these selection tools ahead of interviewing the candidate more thoroughly or perhaps making a career offer. Difference: 1Page Ref: 152

Section: 5

Target: 1

Skill: Concept

3) ________ is the process of deciding what positions the firm will have to complete and how to complete them. A) Recruitment

B) Selection

C) Job analysis

D) Meeting with

E) Employees planning

Answer: E

Explanation: Personnel or perhaps employment preparing is the process of deciding what positions the firm will need to fill and how to fill all of them. The process looks at all future positions by maintenance employees to management, and flows from the business strategic ideas. Diff: 1Page Ref: 152

Chapter: your five

Objective: two

Skill: Principle

4) Marcus, an HR manager to get Samsung, must decide what positions the firm will need to fill in another six months., meaning Marcus is currently working on ________. A) worker contracting

B) screening work candidates

C) personnel organizing

D) meeting with job prospects

E) writing job descriptions

Answer: C

Justification: Personnel or perhaps employment organizing is the process of deciding what positions the firm will have to fill and the way to fill them. The process considers all future positions via maintenance employees to business owners, and flows from the business's strategic plans. Diff: 2Page Ref: 152

Chapter: five

Objective: a couple of

Skill: Program

5) The deciding how to fill professional positions for a firm is called ________. A) internal prospecting

B) succession planning

C) long-term forecasting

D) advanced interviewing

E) candidate assessment

Answer: M

Explanation: Sequence planning identifies the process of deciding how to load executive positions at a strong. The process is usually known as work or workers planning, though most companies use the term succession planning when deciding how to complete top supervision positions. Diff: 1Page Ref: 152

Section: 5

Goal: 2

Skill: Concept

6) A business's ________ ought to guide employment planning and determine the types of skills and competencies the firm requires. A) task analysis

B) corporation chart

C) marketing prepare

D) proper plan

E) recruiting process

Response: D

Explanation: Employment organizing should stream from the firm's strategic strategies. For example , ideas to enter online businesses or reduce costs all affect the types of positions a firm will likely need to fill or perhaps eliminate. Diff: 2Page Ref: 152

Part: 5

Aim: 2

Skill: Concept

7) Employment organizing requires producing forecasts of three factors: the supply of inside applicants, the likely supply of outside candidates, and ________. A) personnel requirements

B) job specifications

C) supervisor wages

D) global trends



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