CASE STUDY 2: A lot of Technology (Chapter 4, Pg. 181)

1 .

What are the some of the arguments for and against the make use of digital

mass media?

Technology provides both positive and bad sides. Great opinion about technology as we are able to find a large number of sources of info quickly and easily as well as saving production cost. Technology that is adverse opinion may influence the behavior, destroy our thought process, and the more serious impact of computer technology is additionally able to promote a number of disorders. 2 .

Sow how does15404 the brain affected by constant digital media consumption?

Digital multimedia would tremendously help us in the world as well as other technologies. Yet , if applied continuously might cause health problems. Vision problems continued to drop also take place when using the pc for very long. Besides, the newest studies claim that digital solutions are destroying our ability to think clearly and focus. several.

Do you think these types of arguments outweigh the benefits of digital media

use? Why or perhaps why not?

For me, I think the above is indeed the gloomy of technology. However , in the world of technology just like current site, we will have to use the technology so that we are able to continue to survive and not shed against each of our competitors. 5.

What further concerns are there for children applying digital press?

Should children under almost eight use personal computers and mobile phones? Why or why not? I think children below eight years of age can use digital media, for instance a computer or perhaps cellular phone. So they are able to improve digital media, and we hope that when they grow up, they are not really stiff again using digital media. Naturally parents should certainly control youngsters by using it overtime, however,.


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