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Separate electorates

In a individual electorate program, each recognized communityВ votes only for candidates of its very own community. If the electorate can be divided into identified communities of Muslims, Standard, Sikhs, Christian believers, Dalits (as the Communal Award 1932[Extra(5)] did), in that case voters coming from each of these residential areas would vote only for applicants from their very own community. The quota of seats in each legislature given to each community is pre-determined by before agreement among the list of communities. В В

What does this kind of imply? В

A. Frustration of home town links among different communities. If a Muslim and a Hindu are neighbours, the Muslim citizen's representatives from your body, in the state legislature, in the countrywide Parliament are Muslim and so different from regarding his neighbor the Indio because theВ religions they each claim adherence to are different. Though a Hindu and Muslim living next to one another might discuss the same worries about say, В the street in front of their particular houses, regarding economic problems, employment, they can combine their very own votes inВ common cause at home town level -- only their legislators/local associates can make prevalent cause together. The Hindu's Hindu agent has nothing to do with the Muslim resident, except when it concerns making works with the Muslim's Muslim rep at the legislature level (if at all) and vice versa. В В

In the event that there are 10% Muslims and 90% Hindus in a region, the Muslim's legislator will have to representВ 9 times the location that the Hindu's representative symbolizes and there would be 9 Indio representatives to each Muslim legislator from that area. The Indio legislators may have nothing to do with the Muslims in their constituencies and the Muslim legislators might have nothing to do with the Hindus in their constituencies. В В

As a result a serious mistake of the distinct electorate method is that individuals and selected representatives of just one community...


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