Literary Terms

Placing: The placing first happens in Ok in the 1930s. This is important establishing because this is one of the main spots of the despression symptoms era.


A: The main personas are Jeff Joad, Sean Casy, 's Joad, Mum Joad, Pa Joad, Granddad John Joad, Rose of Sharon Joad, and Expert figures ( Roadside camp proprietors; Police).

B: Minimal Characters in the story might include Grandma, and Granpa because they went along with all of them on the drive to Califiornia. Noah, Winfield, and Ruthie where also important because these were siblings with the joad family and help the family members on the ride west. Muley Graves was in the begining in the story, but helped Mary Joad, and Jim Casy by telling Tom wherever his family members headed to. Flowers, and Sairy Wilson where the Joad's vacationing companions until they come to the wasteland. Mr. and Mrs. Wainwright Share the boxcar with all the joads near to the end from the novel. Ezra Huston may be the chairman from the Central panel in the government camp by Weedpatch. The past minor character is Willie Eaton and he was in the charge with the entertainment panel at the authorities camp, and helped commence the riot against the Maqui berry farmers Association.

Major Conflicts: The conflicts in the story will be when Jeff Joad gets out and his family features vacated their residence, but simply by luck they will spotted Muley Graves and he told them that his individuals where at his Uncle Johns. The other conflict can be when Granpa dies of the stroke inside the Wilson's camping tent. They plan to bury him there mainly because they did not need the fourty dollars to get him burried. At the conclusion they leave a note stating who it can be, and how he died. The next conflict would be when Noah decides this individual dosent want to go into the desert. The relatives left him there becasuse he declined to go. Key conflict quantity four will be when the Pat car broke down on the way western world. They fixed this simply by leaving Jeff, and Rick Casy in order that Al can drop all of those other family by a camp for evening. Al drove back and...


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