By Santos To. Araña, Ph level. D.


Is it proper for gays(i think they are sick) to use women CR and lesbians to work with the male CR? Would it end up being proper to allow them living together with same sexes? Quite often I heared or even personaly observed the next sex seeking for recognition and respect. Even though, respect is not asked it is non-reflex given; every we need to carry out is to prove that we should have to be well known. To gain value, gays and lesbians need to observe moral standards and conform to approved social patterns and proper conduct. It can an accepted fact that most gays(i think they are sick) are skilled and creative that is why in many occasions often there is the participation of gays, be it in fasion, building, showbiz and other specialist fields and most often than not they will excell within their choosen domains. With this kind of achievement and contribution, gays seek to end up being recognized as the next sex and enquire that they should not be discriminated and given all their rights and be recognize because an equal while using men and women. In all honesty, nobody is definitely discriminating all of them but they themselves. Disallowing gays to use the female CR or the lesbians to use the male CR is not discrimination; this is just adding things in the right purchase. It can not be invoked his or her right and expect that they be treated the same with real girls. Consider this circumstance, in a personal higher educational institution in Daraga, Albay a gay and lesbian student regularly enters the feminine CR and another incident during the ability show of the candidates for Mr. and Miss Intramurals. The homosexual talent scouts used women CR, after seeing that this cannot be so , I called their focus, telling them that it is not really the right CR for them. In a single University in Albay, the gay scholar requested the professor to deal with him like a she inside the classroom and enable him put on the female standard; this was the main topic of the faculty meeting on question of discrimination. A Psychology mentor...


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