Characters are people noted to get feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or perhaps sacrificed their life. A fantastic example of a hero is Odysseus through the poem known as The Journey. The Odyssey was authored by a writer known as Homer. Homer's epic, the Odyssey is definitely an example of Joseph Campbell's Monomyth. The Journey has the 3 stages which have been supposed to have, the PARTING stage, the STRUGGLE/INITIATION level, and the RETURN/ REINGATION stage. In the separation stage, it includes the five sub measures. The call to adventure. The refusal from the call, the supernatural help, the threshold crossing, plus the belly with the whale. Odysseus is called to go to the Trojan Conflict. But , Helen (Odysseus' wife) gave labor and birth to their baby boy. And all the Greek rulers go to head to Troy. So Odysseus was called to adventure. Intended for the refusal of the phone, Odysseus won't want to leave home, therefore he feigns insanity simply by working Madison Kelly Page2

on the seashore with a horses and a bull controlled together and sowing sodium. The man sent to recruit him, Polyamides, proves that having been sane by simply placing his son, Telemachos path of the team. The moment Athena appeared to help Odysseus, she gives him a supernatural help. When Telemachos and Odysseus are away of Ithaca, this is when tolerance crossing. The moment Odysseus just visited his most severe, this was when he was on the boat to troy, and this individual doubted himself. In addition to the separation stage, The Book The Odyssey has the struggle/initiation stage. Odysseus fulfills two goddesses named Calypso, and Circe. And the ending up in the Temptress is if he meets Circe and the girl wants him to stay right now there forever, and marry her. But Odysseus loves Penelope too much to leave without go back to her. Odysseus provides set his mind to getting back to Ithaca somehow. And so Odysseus features turned Circe down. The supreme boon can be when Circe agrees to let Odysseus return home, but Odysseus has to locate his method home himself. So he tries to feel the water (swim) but Poseidon...


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