Competitive Risk Assessment

The biggest competitor in the Colombian coffee industry can be Juan Valdez Café. They are really very dedicated and mixed up in coffee market. They have 238 Juan Valdez coffee shops, 135 of them are in Republic of colombia alone. The other thirty five are in other countries such as Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador and Compact country of panama. The Juan Valdez Coffeehouse Company experienced developed efficient and effective processes in growing and harvesting the finest Colombian coffee beans for their manufacturer. There are two major obstacles that we would need to understand and overcome to be able to effectively take on the Juan Valdez Bistro Company. The first buffer would be vocabulary. We would ought to hire an interpreter to help us once interacting with the locals. The interpreter might also help us with purchasing terrain, supplies, and equipment necessary for our company to succeed. The additional barrier will have to be the elements. Colombia is found in the way of the Un Nino and La Nina weather habits and crops are adversely affected in a few locations. There is not any real way to that hurdle.

Taxation and Double Taxation Risks

Colombia has had two double taxation treaties during the past, one with Spain as well as the other with Chile. The double taxation with these two countries is no longer in existence. The only taxation businesses are responsible for is the cash flow of the company in which the company has property established by everlasting residence and gains by transfer of stocks.

Market Risks (four P's)

The four P's of marketing happen to be product, place, price, and promotion. These products are the products and or solutions the business offers a marketplace. Things to consider when developing any kind of product are definitely the quality, design and style, features, presentation, and customer support. In our circumstance our method coffee. The area refers to division, location and methods of having the product for the consumer. Within our situation the location can be Colombia. The price refers to the quantity of...

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