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Mrs. Elliot

March 9, 2012

Dante's Tormento

The second ring of this hell is lust. Dante build his hell with nine levels. every single level provides a different treatment for a distinct sin. the low level you decide to go, the worse the treatment gets. the simplest punishment is definitely level one that is paganism and it descends and gets harder from there. Every level is made to accommodate those that will be in it plus the punishments which might be in each.

there are lots of images of individuals that come to mind when i think of who go into group of friends two which can be lust. the first about that occurs to you is the one that is very popular having a lustful image, his name is usually Hugh Hefner. Hefner is depicted as having many " display girls” and he markets images of those to make himself a profit. this might be the most popular image of lust there is. he was born in Chicago, il and was one of two kids. he started the famous magazine known as playboy after he was refused a five dollar increase from a magazine he wrote to get.

the second person who pops in my mind is definitely the famous Sergio garcia. he merely recently earned the trustworthiness of being lustful. he was accused of being with many women during his marriage with his partner. as he traveled, so did his intimate relationships even though his wife i visited home. a large number of people shed respect pertaining to Tiger when they saw good news of his affairs. this kind of also expense him a large number of sponsorships which in turn hurt can be income significantly.

quite a few people have the bad image of lust and they the two deserve to be in ring two of terrible. they are punished by chaotic storms forced them about crazily to symbolize that they have simply no power wherever they are. this is certainly a great consequence for the circle of hell as it would trigger worry to get upon the victims because they have simply no control over they're destinations.

dante's inferno links to my matter because i use the topic of violence and there is an area everything through this hell so the violence that i am exploring fits perfectly in...