Maintaining Honest Standards

BSHS 335

Feb . 2014

Preserving Ethical Criteria

The Case of Ludwig

When it comes to Ludwig, he could be a counselor has training and education in person counseling. Ella came to him for individual counseling and after many sessions the counselor Ludwig, realized that a whole lot of her problems and difficulties had to do with her complete family program. One of Ella's problems is having been forgotten by her parents. The counselor realizes that it would be in her best interest pertaining to Ella to work alongside a counselor who is trained in family remedy but the counselor decided not to accomplish that because he thought that it would have a detrimental impact on Ella. Ludwig does not wish to give Ella the impression that he could be abandoning her so this individual decides to stay counseling her individually. Almost all of the time is definitely spent aiming to understand the mechanics of Ella's family members which are not present.

The honest issues that deal with me, because the caseworker, is that Ludwig did not associated with referral that was in the best interest of the client. The consumer needed someone who specializes in friends and family therapy. Simply by continuing to counsel Ella, Ludwig was preventing Ella of getting the type of help the lady needed. Like a case staff member, I would help Ludwig simply by reminding him of the AAMFT code of ethics and possess him send her to someone who is trained in relatives therapy. It is additionally important before starting any therapy to review the expectations and informed approval with the client. When speaking with the client it is crucial to disclose that if the counselor is unable to deal with the client because his constraints, that the counselor will refer the client to someone that can and also follow up to ensure that the customer is getting the help they need. To go to to the consumer and describing why the referral is necessary it will help your customer not think that the counselor is leaving her and it will also assist with not having the consumer feel that they can be...

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