Because the early 17th century, the English migrated to America for a variety of reasons. The promise of treasure, spiritual tolerance, and plentiful royaume, lured gold-seekers, Puritans, Protestants, unemployed farmers, indentured maids, and more youthful sons (who had fallen victim to regulations of primogeniture), to the area mistakenly known as the Indies. English immigration to the Chesapeake region over nearly a century, whereas voyagers to Fresh England showed up within a single decade. You might think that considering that the English completed both of these parts, both of their societies could develop quite similarly, yet one could not be more wrong. The variants of the societies that developed in the Chesapeake region as well as the New Britain region occurred because the settlers had diverse motivations related to their excursions, contrasting family members ties, and diverse geological situations.

In 1606, the primary attraction for the " New World" was your promise of gold (combined with a good desire to find a passage through America for the Indies). In 1607, Britain planted their particular first successful settlement, Jamestown, and therefore created the colony of Virginia, the to begin the Chesapeake region. Chief John Smith, in 1624, once described his experiences on his journey to Virginia and that the most severe people among him were the gold-seekers. Ten years after John Smith's voyage, God Baltimore, a person of a visible English Catholic family founded Virginia's sibling colony, Baltimore. He had launched into the voyage partly to get financial earnings and to some extent to create a retreat for his fellow Catholics, who at the time were being persecuted by the Protestants of England. Around the same time, 1000s of English family members migrated to New Britain for faith based purposes. Connecticut and New Hampshire were settled as religious havens. As was Rhode Island, but Rhode Island offered as a " sewer" that held " all the Lord's debris" which usually translates to a safe haven for all of those who had been...


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