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1 . Demonstration On Tata Nano

2 . Launch Of Struktur Nano

o" Dream-dream and fantasy, because fantasy gives vision, vision provides thoughts and ultimately thoughts bring about the action". Each letter of these mindset words explained by India' s ex - President Dr . A. P. J. Abdul Kalam will go exactly with Mr. Ratan Tata, Chief of Struktur group, whom in the year the year 2003, dreamt of producing a safe, cost-effective Car to get the common person. Finally following your wait of five years, crossing all monetary and scientific barriers, Ratan Tata retained his guarantee and revealed Tata ' Nano' about 10th January 2007, in the 9th Vehicle Expo 08 in Fresh Delhi. Struktur Nano, cool & clever, launched simply by Tata Motor is world' s most affordable Car with a price tag of $ 2500. 3. Explanation about Nano

oThe project features literally become India' s i9000 claim-for-fame inside the international-media due to Tata Motors' innovation in developing the vehicle, as well as keeping it reduced in price. oThe car alone is supposed to boost the Of india Economy, create entrepreneurial-opportunities across India, and expand the Indian car market by 65%. oThe car was envisioned by simply renowned industrialist, Ratan Orde, Chairman from the Tata Group and Orde Motors, who have described that as a great eco-friendly " people' s i9000 car". oNano has been greatly appreciated by many sources plus the media for its low-cost and eco-friendly pursuits which include applying compressed-air because fuel and an electric-version. oTata Group is likely to mass-manufacture the Nano in very large amounts, particularly the electric-version, and, besides selling them in India, to also export these people world-wide. 4. Features Size 3. one particular metres Size 1 . a few metres Height 1 . 6th meters Engine All-aluminium, Rear end Mounted, Rear end Wheel Drive Potential 623 closed circuit Power 33 PS Energy Injection Multiple Point Energy Injection (MPFI) Fuel Type Petrol, Diesel powered Version will be later Figure Sheet Metal Seating Capability 04 (Four) Mileage 20-22 Kmpl (City drive) twenty six Kmpl (Highways) Top Speed 75 K. Meters Emission Norms Euro-IV, Bharat Stage-III up to date Safety Rules Frontal Crash Tested Editions One Common and Two Deluxe five. Reactions regarding Nano

o" It' s a fantastic historic second for the Indian vehicle industry and also a proud one indeed that an Indian organization took a step forward on this road. Its a great upgradation intended for an auto wheeler rider to by a car now. " oRajesh Jejurikar, Managing Movie director, Mahindra and Renault' h. o" It' s great product although it' s i9000 still too soon to say whether it will overtake the 800 because it caters to a totally new market section. ” oSaid Jagdish Khattar, Former MD of Maruti Udyog Limited

o" Meeting the right quality specifications and security is not really feasible by any means in such a model. Andreas Prinz, Managing Movie director (Passenger Cars), Volkswagen Group Sales India. o" I believe it is a great issue for India because range of motion is providing new possibilities. I hope Orde drives to great success with the Rs one lakh car, but it really is not included in our strategy. " oThomas Kuehl, Table Member, Skoda Auto India.

6th. What makes that so cheap!

oThe Tata Ridotto uses plastic materials and creams rather than welding. ointroducing the car with an artificially affordable through govt-subsidies and tax-breaks, or ousing vertical-integration, or perhaps

opartially using economical polymers or perhaps biodegradable plastic materials instead of a complete metal-body. oIt has no AIR CONDITIONER, no electric power steering, zero power home windows, no electricity bells and whistles. several. Target Market

oThe low-cost car is clearly designed for the world. For the family of several that would or else ride on a scooter, precariously balancing a little tot for the front and a baby on the wife's panel. For the first-time car buyer in India -- a huge market despite the elevating number of autos in the city and semi-urban areas. oIts Also entice the small automobiles buyers just like maruti 800.

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