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SONY PSP Paper -- 1

G. 1 Which usually of the next is generally the MOST correct utilization of a project network diagram? A. Showing the project schedule

B. Documenting task interdependencies

C. Determining project methods

D. Understanding the project costs

L. 2 At least, periodic predictions must be done for what time period? A. month to month

B. as requested by owner

C. as expected by the job manager

G. as specific in the deal documents

L. 3 The calculated duration for a project is 28. 166. The standard deviation is 5. a few. What technique would you value to compute the probability of completing a project on a particular day? A. PERT method

B. Mucchio Carlo simulation

C. Possibility analysis

Deb. Variance examination

P. four The best reason to use multiple calendars is usually to ___________ A chapter the float for the benefit of the service provider

B better show how the project will be built

C give niche contractors the info they need

D track owner activities relating to their specific calendar in order to develop a great working romance

P. five During organizing you discover the time needed to complete the project is longer than the time available. What do you do?

A. Tell the client that the necessary date cannot be met

M. Tell management that the required date can not be met

C. Spend time determining what work can be done intended for the length of time offered and accomplish only that work

D. Identify options to get crashing and/or fast checking the task and present management along with your recommended option

P. six Free drift is the ____________

A difference between early times and later dates of an activity N amount of time a task can be delayed without affecting the early start of successor activity.

C big difference in float value from the critical route activities plus the float worth of the certain activity PSP S1


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being assessed

D difference between the early on finish dates and past due finish schedules of an activity P. 7 In an activity-on-arrow diagram, the boxes represent:

A. Activities.

B. Duties.

C. Job dependencies.

D. Arrrows.

P. 8 Just about every activity in a schedule, besides the first and last activity, should have A. at least one constraint

W. a landmark activity being a predecessor

C. at least one predecessor and at least one successor

D. a milestone activity as a successor

P. on the lookout for A project supervisor has increased task costs by US $100, 000, but completed the project 4 weeks earlier than planned. What tool is BEST explained here? A. Resource progressing

B. Timeframe compression

C. Crashing

Deb. Fast traffic monitoring

P. twelve An early begin constraint requires __________

A. the organized start of an activity

W. the planned start of the successor activity

C. a great activity's remaining duration

D. the actual begin of an activity

P. eleven Dummy actions are NOT used on which type of network diagram? A. CPM

B. Detailed



P. 12 Which in the following is definitely NOT required when you are performing weekly or perhaps monthly routine updates?

A. actual frnish of actions

B. original duration of actions

C. percent complete

G. Remaining duration of activities



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P. 13 During the creation of a job plan, you need to find the critical course of the project. Which from the following task management equipment would you use for determine the critical route? A. Job breakdown framework

B. Network diagram

C. Project control plan

Deb. Critical Source Histograms

G. 14 Each of the following illustrate the essential path of the schedule except: A. Determined by network common sense and is the chain of activities that controls the entire project achievement time

N. The group of activities having the least sum of total float C. Frequently understood to be the least path through the schedule G. Changed by redefining the network reasoning or changing activity stays or the two P. 12-15 How various kinds of relationships among activities are available on a precedence diagram?

A. 4

M. 3

C. Multiple

G. 2

E 16...


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