Blacks and Indians that fought because of their freedom in Florida only to be overlooked are the Tales of Angola. 1812 a free of charge black community and called Angola grew along the Manatee River, the residents from the community were free blacks, runaway slaves and soldiers from the war. As the tiny community grew hate as well grew a led to " the largest servant rebellion in america history” 1 .

Following your Patriot War of 1812 black refugees sought safeguard along the Manatee River. The Manatee River provided the refuges " fertile farm land, abundant hunting environment and use of the Caribbean and the broader of Ocean world”2. Pursuing Battle of recent Orleans in 1812 the community of Angola grew also larger with black military who build camp upstream from Angola. As the Angola community grew look at a free black community reach the Usa Sates and General Claire Jackson in 1818. Standard Jackson who had been still upset about the War of 1812 win wanted to punish " creek foes who had eluded his grasp”3. General Jackson wished to " eliminate southeast of free black a warrior who reinforced Spain and England, along with return errant slaves to the owners”4. In the cold weather of 1818 General Andrew Jackson invaded Spanish Florida with the hope of destroying the Angola community. General Knutson plans felled in Apr when grayscale Indian warriors held Jackson and his troops off long enough to permit their families and themselves time to break free. The battle was referred to as First Seminole War and stories from the battle had been pasted right down to Angolans rejeton. In the struggle Andrew Jackson was wounded by the dark-colored worries, the injury as well as the fact that they will escape only fueled General Jackson hate even more. The Angola and Seminoles create a new community along Tampa Bay. Again the community of Angola was emerged in diplomatic and economic activity.

In 1819 Spain singed the Adams-Onis Treaty copying East and west Fl to...


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