Kelsey L. Jones

Setup of a Pupil Anonymous Tip System

Professional Writing in Criminal Proper rights

William Heath

January dua puluh enam, 2013

Executive Summary

The Baylor Department of Public Basic safety has rendered invaluable to safeguard the Baylor University grounds for countless years. Regardless of the campus' position, the department's efforts have got succeeded to get a convincingly safe environment for the student physique as well as their employees. As the success from the Baylor Division of Open public Safety should go appreciated, the increasing range of arrests relating to drug infractions on campus must also be recognized. The Baylor University's Judicial Affairs Crime Statistics report declares there was 33 drug infractions in the 2010-2011 school 12 months. Drug violations were the other most common form of misconduct. In addition , 45% of the disciplinary suspensions had been alcohol or drug related last year. The continual growth of drug busts and infractions exhibits that the use and sale of prescription drugs on grounds is a serious problem. The department's Zero Tolerance Team offers examined a good solution which may decrease the number of drug arrests. Ultimately, fixing an anonymous tip is a possible answer to execute immediately that will continue to be within the department's budget. Introduction

While looking for possible alternatives in reducing drug criminal activity on campus, the cost, performance, and the legality of the recommended solution will be kept in mind. Depending on the studies, the Actually zero Tolerance Team has arbitrated that the organization of an unknown tip program campus vast would be the leading solution to get the drug crime headaches at the Baylor University. The dryer of confidential tips is usually an instilled way to diminish crime devoid of acquiring the never-ending startup and continuation costs. Once the components of the program have been completely partitioned while using campus community, the costs associated would be handling participants to gather and relieve the tips to the Baylor University or college Department...

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