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The American Dream

Pre-Ap English-Hour a few

" The American dream is not that every single man should be level jointly other gentleman. The American dream is the fact every gentleman must be liberal to become no matter what God intends he should certainly become. ” –Ronald Reagan. The American dream, although just a key phrase, signifies freedom for every person; the freedom to make their dreams a reality.

In the 17th 100 years thousands of settlers from Great britain came to the Americas seeking religious and political liberty. At that time the government in England was a Monarchy dominated by Ruler George I and after him his son, King George II. There is wide spread lack of employment in England during that time. Tenant maqui berry farmers were no longer needed on the huge estates because land owners were transitioning from developing crops to raising sheep, which would not require as much laborers. This left many families desolate and touring around the countryside looking for function.

" The American dream was created out of the colonists who 1st came to what we now understand as America, they desired to be free from the English Nobleman. Something in them wished to come here to find a new home/their own area. ” -Sandy Trump. Learning of the assurance of property and prospect, the settlers sought a fresh start in the Americas. These colonists sacrificed everything after they left Great britain to travel to the Americas. When they came, they would be stepping in to unfamiliar terrain with no warranties and no certainties. The eschew were great but useful, to have the independence to do because they pleased. They will sacrificed every thing because there was new terrain to farm building, livestock to improve, and an opportunity to establish a new living. The American fantasy was created and founded by the colonists. This began with the bravery and independence necessary to leave the land that they knew and travel across the sea to make a new life and are in freedom. Throughout our background the American dream grew with the help of extraordinary men such as our founding fathers, Abraham Lincoln,...


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