The Basic Concepts of Transcultural Breastfeeding

Transcultural Nursing - A humanistic and scientific part of formal analyze and practice in medical which is concentrated upon dissimilarities and commonalities among civilizations with respect to individual care, well being, and disease based upon the people's social values, morals, and procedures, and to make use of this knowledge to provide cultural particular or broadly congruent medical care to people... Leininger

Leininger (1991) records the main target of transcultural nursing should be to provide widely specific treatment. But before transcultural nursing can be adequately realized, there must be a fundamental knowledge of crucial terminology including culture, social values, broadly diverse breastfeeding care, ethnocentrism, " contest " and ethnography.

Tradition refers to rules and techniques of a particular group that are learned and shared and guide pondering, decisions, and actions.

Social values the individual's desirable or preferred way of behaving or understanding something that is sustained over a period of time and which governs actions or decisions.

Culturally different nursing treatment an ideal mode of health care delivery, refers to the variability of nursing methods needed to present culturally suitable care that incorporates a persons cultural beliefs, beliefs, and practices which includes sensitivity for the environment from which the individual comes and to that this individual may well ultimately returning. (Leininger, 1985)

Ethnocentrism the perception that one's very own way is better when observing the world (Geiger & Davidhizar, 1991). The perspective is the standard in which all other views are scored and held to scrutiny.

Ethnic relates to group identity, large sets of people classified according to common qualities or persuits.

Race The different kinds of humans thought by many people to exist, based on the discredited typological model of man variation. See the article Precisely what is Race?

Ethnography is definitely the...

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