The physical aspects of individual organs of speech aren't shared by other animals and may make clear why the human creature has the capacity for conversation. Displacement

This real estate of human language called displacement allows talking about issues and incidents not within the immediate environment. Now, individual language-users can refer to previous and future time, and to other locations. The factors involved in the real estate of displacement, are much more comprehensive then the communication of your single location. It enables us to talk about items and areas whose living we simply cannot even be sure of, like: mythical creatures, devils and lately invented personas such as Terme conseille. Displacement allows the human, contrary to any other creature, to create fictional and to identify possible future worlds. Arbitrariness

It is generally the case there is no " natural” interconnection between a linguistic type and its meaning. A property of linguistic indications is their arbitrary relationship with the things they are utilized to indicate. The forms of human being language display a property known as arbitrariness: they don't " fit” the objects they represent. Although here are some words in language which may have sounds which usually seems to " echo” the sounds of objects or activities. We now have already mentioned these onomatopoeic sounds included in the " organic sounds” theory of language origin. Efficiency

It is a feature of all dialects that novel utterances will be continually getting crated. The language-users adjust their linguistic resources to create new expression and fresh sentences. This property of human dialect is productivity or imagination and it is from the fact that the potential number of utterances in any human language is infinite. Non-human signaling appears to have this flexibility and neither does it seem to be possible for pets or animals to produce new signals to communicate story experiences or perhaps events. Ethnical Transmission

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