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Mr. Hernandez

English a hundred and fifty

December a few, 2014

The new Terminology

Today in day's persons doesn't communicate like we accustomed to before texting were created. As technology keeps progressing our language do also, most of the people avoid talk forget about, people text instead. Back in the days we really need it to hold back months for letters dispatched over seas. Some people want that we don't have to do that no longer, now just using a Network can be send letters or important emails in 3 seconds. A lot of people are concerned that our new form of conversation is eliminating our vocabulary. Numerous writers had shared their points of view on the brand new trend of texting, several accept this, and others criticize it. Like a reference David Humphrys, David Crystal and Louis Menand are some of the writers to judge the new technology. I think texting is a faster way to connect, but with out abbreviations, certainly not if we're trying to conserve the British language Jhon Humphrys narrates his disappointment contra the generation of " Thumbspeak”. In the ecaille " I actually h8 txt msgs: Just how texting is definitely wrecking our language”, he admits that that searching words inside the dictionary is among the enjoyments of life, prior to Oxford English Dictionary makes a decision to change roughly sixteen 1, 000 words in the new release, because in line with the editor " we live in a world where we cannot stop to create one more important stroke”. Humphrys fear was that the new generations would be stressed by short-hand and unfinished words. David crystal, however, praises this new way of connection. In his text " 2B or certainly not 2B? ” he claims that texting will not lead to a disaster in the English language. HE argues that, in order to textual content, one must know the seems and grammar of the vocabulary, to be able to make abbreviations change on. Mister. Menand contains a clever respond to this assertion. In his ecaille " Thumbspeak: Is texting here to stay? " he says that texting is really as complicated since Morse Codfing. His main concern...


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