Leveraging Organizational Patterns and Supervision to Maximize Organization Success Learning Team W: Bethany Burns, Louis Duarte, Amanda Meyers, Deonna Harris, Elizabeth Horowitz


Feb . 23, 2015

Wellington Williams

Leveraging Organizational Behavior and

Management to Maximize Business Achievement

Photo Credit: Starbucks

Keys to Success

• Command

• Organizational culture

• Organizational electricity

• Turmoil management

Summary of Leadership

Describe the contemporary theories and styles of


• Path-Goal Theory

• Vroom and Yetton Version

• Leader-Member Exchange Theory

Introduction to Management

Describe the leadership style demonstrated in your

chosen organization.

• Task oriented style (Basu, C., & Press, D. )






Process completion

Introduction to Leadership

Describe the differences between management and

leadership, and explain just how cultivating leadership skills

in managers may beneft the corporation. В

• Managers- have subordinates, handles work and

values results

• Leaders- have enthusiasts, leads their very own group and values

accomplishments. (Lasker, Z)

Organizational Traditions

Describe how managers, once applying leadership

principles, can contribute to a healthy organizational


Organizational Lifestyle

Cite specifc examples from your selected business

Organizational Electrical power

Describe the influence of power and politics as part of your

selected corporation.

Organizational Power

Describe the types of power in the organization

Organizational Power

Describe who in the chosen office holds the true

power and why.

Turmoil Management

A good example of a conflict that occurred within the


• " Breast-feeding parents! Discrimination for

Starbucks” (Organize, 2005).

• Managements actions to remove breast-feeders.

• Express laws for the security of breast-feeders.

• Starbucks policy and management


Conflict Administration

Strategies that were used to deal with that issue

situation, which includes their standard of effectiveness.

• As the mother was packing up, the manager

offered her a free coffee.

• As the manager was unaware of what the law states, he

was sure that breast-feeding was not allowed.

• Starbucks issued a great apology towards the mother in addition to

this case " a little too late”.

Conflict Management

Other strategies that we might recommend to handle

the Starbucks conflict.

• Initiating Structured behavior.



Thinking ahead

Setting goals

• 4 Principles (Welch & Welch, 2005, s. 8)





Quest and values



Voice and dignity



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