The term grotesque can be an zusammenstellung einander widersprechender begriffe in itself. It implies beautiful unpleasant. How a person can possess both of these adjectives is the theme of Winesburg, Kansas written by Sherwood Anderson. His characters turn into grotesque simply by holding onto one particular truth which will make them distorted but undoubtedly make them gorgeous simultaneously. Anderson uses the motif of isolation on Seth Richmond, the Stranger and Tandy to develop their very own grotesqueness by causing the characters' isolation end up being the reason why they hold onto a single truth triggering their grotesqueness. On the other hand, the writer uses biblical allusion to help clarify the truth Jesse Bentley lives by simply that causes his grotesqueness.

Anderson uses the design of seclusion in order to enhance the grotesqueness of Seth Richmond, as the character's self-imposed isolation triggers his grotesqueness. Seth Richmond grows up together with his mother, Virginia Richmond who does not learn how to discipline him and a deceased daddy. Seth just stares in his mom apathetically when she scolds him that creates his mom to take away from her displeasure. Seth also only shows not caring in items other boys take part in and finds him totally different from others, since he would not feel the same emotions persons would usually feel. Consequently, he retains onto the belief that he would not belong in the town and " this individual [wishes] that he himself [be] stirred by something” (133). Seth's self-imposed remoteness is what triggers his grotesqueness. He thinks just because this individual doesn't have a similar interest while the others and is also not " stirred by something” makes him a great outcast and unlike. When ever in fact , the people of Winesburg admire him because he comes off like a passionate and mature guy. Nevertheless, Seth does not recognize the householder's thoughts as they lives by simply his truth that he does not fit in Winesburg as they is unsociable about items the people the engaged in. That is why, he is altered and ridicule for trusting one fact and not taking the others' truths....


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